The Spikegaffery Wand


We bought $106 worth of tape for stages and venues so that you don’t have to! This is a super tool when it comes to managing the tech side of your show. We’ll make your life easier by putting 12 tapes on one easy-carrying stick… WAND (The Spikegaffery Wand). It fits in your back pocket and is right there when you need it. There are even some great convenient items that store inside the wand + the bonus foam wand is a tool all by itself (see our video below).


It looks like a magic wand but it's so much more than that!

This is a wonderful stage management tool that you will use time after time.

The Spikegaffery Wand is actually 12 different kinds of tape on one easy spool (wand) so that you don’t have to carry tons of tape with you or go in search for a certain type of tape. It fits easily in your back pocket.


Want to be taken seriously as a pro at your venue?

Whether you’re a touring magician or an illusion show, or you are a solo performer with instruments or props, it’s really important to be able to mark your stage properly, easily, and safely (even between acts if you are on a line up billing)


The Spikegaffery Wand is perfect for:


    • Spiking Your Stage for Props

    • Show where performers need to be to hit their mark

    • Camera and Lighting Position markings

    • Safety Purposes to prevent accidents

    • Cover or Mark Cords or Traffic Areas

    • Create lighting or sound board channel markers

    • Gaffs and Real-World Stage Hacks


Here is everything you get in one easy to use utility tool…

Two Different Neon Colored Spike Tapes, 2” Wide Black Gaffers Tape, Red Electrical Tape, Black Electrical Tape, White Electrical Tape, Transparent Tape, 2” Wide White Duct Tape, ¾” Wide Brown Masking Tape, 1” Wide Blue Masking Tape, 1” Wide, Commercial Grade Double Stick Tape, and 2” Wide Safety Caution (adhesive) Tape. That’s 96 Total Feet of Tape on One Easy To Carry Wand!


BONUS: 2” Foam Wand that not only protects your tapes but is also a Gig Door Blocker.

PLUS, inside the wand you also get a Black Permanent Marker, Marking Chalk, and a Retractable Utility Knife.

Additional information

Weight .875 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 2.5 × 3 in


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