Ultimate Hollow Bulbs (refill bulbs)


These hollowed out light bulbs (globes only) make it easy so that you don’t have to make hollow bulbs yourself. These bulbs can be reused over and over or they are affordable enough to be broken at every show. They are perfect for a wide variety of content retrieval and in conjunction with our various tricks.

Sold By The Box (4 each)

NOTE: Does NOT include the gimmick needed or a routine. These are Hollow Bulb globes only.



NOTICE: Due to the inexpensive price of this item you must have proof that you own one of our bulb related products in order to make this purchase. Failure to do so will result in an immediate refund and refusal of sale. This is to deter the curiosity-seekers to our trick methods. Thank you for understanding.

Even though we offer a detailed instructional video on how to make our Hollow Bulbs for our Borrowed Bill in Light Bulb effects, sometimes it is just nice to have them already made up & shipped direct to you… hassle-free. We have provided our existing clients upward of a gross at a time in which to accommodate them for long runs and touring situations, especially when it is not advantageous for them to sit around and pre-make bulbs.

Our already made Hollow Bulbs are hand made and inspected one at a time for quality purposes. These are an incandescent-style 5 ounce capacity Hollow Bulb (globe). They are perfect for not only the Borrowed Bill in Light Bulb effect, but also great for liquids, silk in bulb, card in bulb, fish in bulb, etc.


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