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  • Do you struggle to know what your brand should look like and convey?
  • Are you unsure if what you're doing with your brand is right or wrong?
  • Are you embarrassed by your website, don't have one, or you make excuses as to why it is not great?
  • Do you try to do everything yourself or have a hard time getting the thoughts in your head to reality?
  • Do others get the work that you should be getting?


Whether you are a magician, a speaker, a comedian, musician, ventriloquist, actor, model, or even a variety entertainer – our services and products are all about getting you noticed and your message heard!

We don't just care about building brands. We care about helping you.

  • Individualized help & happy clients in over 72 countries around the globe.
  • Clients trust us to save them time and money so they can focus more on their skills and talent.
  • We work with you to effectively reach your audience so that you can stand out over your competition.
Have A Fish Trick
Have A Fish Trick
Dean B. - Washington, D.C.

I am always looking for a new ‘goldfish trick’ and this is new and old at the same time. Based on an old effect, but made modern for today’s audiences.

It’s been getting incredible reactions all summer. 

I’ve used it in 20 shows already and every time it brings gasps and then cheers. It’s GREAT. 

I can’t say enough fine things about the Have A Fish routine!!!!

Rubber Floor Mats
Rubber Floor Mats
Tim J.. - California

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for pulling off a miracle and getting that complete custom job of audience management floor mats designed, printed, and delivered to me in record time for my kids brunch performances at a very “magical castle” in Hollywood this past weekend. They were exactly what I wanted. Read the full review

BC Design + 500 Cards Package
BC Design + 500 Cards Package
Fred C. - U.S.A.

I am very happy with my new business cards!

I have purchased several items over the past couple years and I have never been disappointed in the quality and design work. I have an idea in my head and then Billy makes it happen. Thank you! Thank you!

Backstage Experience Backdrop
Backstage Experience Backdrop
D. Gowen - Kentucky

This product was one of the best things I have purchased in years!

The parents love it just as much as the kiddos! As if that was not enough, Billy’s customer service is definitely the best in the biz! I highly recommend this wonderful product.

Custom Table Banner
Custom Table Banner
Dennis L. - Maine

I just received my new table banner and it looks beautiful and professional.

I love the quick and easy magnetic hanging system to attach the banner to my table.

Backstage Experience Backdrop
Backstage Experience Backdrop
R. Conley - Myrtle Beach, S.C.

For me the greatest advantage of this Banner is that it is small enough to set up in someones living room.... Also, since it is so easy and fast to set up it is also great for shows where you want some sort of backdrop without having to set up something really big. For the price you cant't go wrong! I already have an idea for a new one for my Circus show!

The Mind Reading Bunny
The Mind Reading Bunny
Rick S. - Virginia

This is simply the best version of this that I have come across.

I haven’t used a prop like this in years because I just felt it wasn’t that effective. But Billy’s version had me sold the moment I saw it.

I used it for an Easter Show and it was a hit with the kids and an instant photo op after the show.

Top quality and very well made!!!

The JR Gig Big Backdrop System
The JR Gig Big Backdrop System
Landon H. - Dallas, TX

As a ventriloquial performer I needed to create a brand that allowed me to stand out from others in my market. Through collaborating with branding guru Billy Diamond, we came up with a backdrop design that not only encompassed the essence of my show, but provided a bold, aesthetically pleasing visual to my audience-before I even walk on stage. Billy Diamond… I can not thank you enough for the time you spent in the consultation process with me, and your attention to detail surpasses everyone else in the market. I will definitely be coming BACK to Branding For Entertainers in the future as I expand my production value.

Read the full review

5' Wide x 7' Tall Backdrop
5' Wide x 7' Tall Backdrop
Craig F. - New York

I love my backdrop.

It truly is a work of art and Billy was a great help making my design.

My backdrop is really great looking. It adds a professional look to my act. Highly recommended.

The Mind Reading Bunny
The Mind Reading Bunny
Mike C. - U.S.A.

Billy worked with me to get my product better than I could imagine!

I use this as a way to drive traffic to my Facebook Fan page where people can download their photos – have already had several people hit the “Contact Me” button on the page and book a show so this has more than paid for itself in less than a month!

Backstage Experience Backdrop
Backstage Experience Backdrop
Richard A. - Winnipeg, Canada

Something happened after I received it and started to use it in my shows. My bookings skyrocketed. Coincidence maybe? Once I started to post pictures of my Themed Folding Table (that I also bought from Billy) along with my Backstage Experience Backdrop, my bookings literally doubled. The Backstage Experience Backdrop added that extra professional theme to my shows. I now see the importance of branding and how it affects ones business such as mine. Not only did Billy theme my new backdrop similar to my new table, but he actually took the time to ensure every aspect of the backdrop was the way I wanted it prior to him making it.

Read the full review

Tiny Gig Big Backdrop System
Tiny Gig Big Backdrop System
John P. - U.S.A.

I can’t say enough good things about Billy. He takes the time to walk me through all my thoughts and will always make sure I am happy with the product.

And... always brings up idea’s on how to save money or make the item better for various markets.

He’s THE EXAMPLE of how all current businesses today should run customer service. Love the guy and his creative work!

Close Up | Bar & Counter Mats
Close Up | Bar & Counter Mats
Brent K. - Pennsylvania

This is the best close-up mat! Perfect for the working magician!

It’’s extremely durable and can be cleaned easily.

If you want to stand out as a pro, you shouldn’t hesitate to order this.

Such a great price for a professionally branded product!

Thanks Billy!

Mind Reading Bunny
Mind Reading Bunny
Randall E. - Arkansas

I had a volunteer to bunny wand many years ago. I used it several times, always getting just ok responses. I lost it in a move and just didn’t give it another thought – until I saw Billy’s Mind Reading Bunny wand.

The product quality is just great and you will see the attention to detail that Billy is known for. The idea of using the wand as a way to make the child the “magician” and not just a bunny, is smart. If kids are in your audience, this won’t miss.

P.S. I didn’t even mention the selfie possibilities. Instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat love these kind of pics and vids.

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