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How is your branding? If you’re like most entertainers, your entertainment business could use a facelift.

Wondering what branding is and why it’s important? You’re not alone. As entertainers, many were never educated in branding. It’s incredibly valuable but often misunderstood.

Branding is creating a strong positive impression in the minds of your buyers and fans. Extremely well-crafted branding uses powerful graphics, pictures, storytelling, and a good dollop of your personality to craft a kick-butt perception of what it is that you do.

Magician – Justin Willman, Ventriloquist – Darci Lynne, and Comedian Josh Blue have all built strong brands in entertainment. As soon as you think of them you immediately know what they’re about and how they communicate to the world.

justin willman is not only great at magic but knows how to brand himself well
darci lynne farmer ventriloquist knows how to brand herself
comedian josh blue knows how to market and brand

Branding is More Than Just a Logo

Lucky for you, you don’t have to have the budget that Cirque du Soleil or David Copperfield has to have strong branding. But branding for your entertainment business is much more than just a logo. Branding at its very best will clarify your message and get you more gigs and the gigs you want. It extends to everything your potential buyers and audiences see (and hear).

And those are just a few of the main ones.

Think of strong branding as a cohesive way to let your buyers and fans know immediately who you are and what you are about. When branding is done the right way, a lot of the ‘heavy lifting’ is already done for you.

If your branding does a good job of capturing your audience’s attention by showing them who you are and telling them what you’re about, getting booked becomes a lot easier for you and a lot faster for your buyer to make a decision about your services.

one of the best STEVE MARTIN QUOTES

Your Bad Branding Is Costing You Your Reputation

(I don’t mean to sound harsh)

how to become better than average as a magician

Think of the other entertainers you know. The ones who show up to gigs with barely any gear. Their shows offer such little (if any) production value. They miss the mark to show off their brand in a positive light. There’s no pizzazz to make them memorable. And by the way, those that do try typically miss the mark. They come across like a flashing billboard because they are trying to sell their next show from the stage (yuck, that’s tacky). 

Or, they have artwork designed by someone on Fiverr (or a friend) for a few bucks and expect great results. The design looks bad and falls flat because the person does not understand branding concepts or marketing.

Oftentimes they don’t give you the appropriate file sizes and this lead to a lot of problems down the road — also wasted time and money. In most cases an artists only job is to create artwork. Most artists and graphic designers don’t have strong business backgrounds (especially in entertainment) and they certainly don’t dive deeper to understand your business goals for your entertainment business.

Here’s another example: It’s the “for all occasions” entertainer who says, “I do it all.” Their usual crappy old promotional photos are glaring their potential buyer in the face yet they fit more like Marilyn Manson performing at a daycare center. However, they proudly advertise “entertainment for all occasions.”  They proudly offer scary shows and kid shows right next to doing trade shows. And corporate events. And cruise ships.

the birthday party magician
illusion show theater
street performer
corporate magician
branding your foam party services
cruise ship entertainer

Far-fetched? Not really. Just look around you. (Now that’s scary. And it doesn’t work.)

Unless crafted well, focused, and niched down, the wrong branding will paint a confusing picture in the minds of your potential buyers, agents, and fans. They will wonder, “Who in the world does this person really perform for?” Most assuredly, they are not taken seriously, passed by, and the gig goes to the entertainer that has a clear message.

This confusion leads to a lack of interest. Confusion leads to not being remembered. And confusing people won’t get you hired. So many entertainers try to be all things to all audiences. Sadly, because of it, they end up sending the wrong brand message to everyone around them. If they are working, they are most likely working much harder than they need to… and guaranteed, for much less money than they’re worth. 

get your brand message right branding as an entertainer

Make a Great First Impression

Even the entertainers who ‘get’ this often don’t have the skills to do it right. Most entertainers try to wear all the hats in their business. But most entertainers also don’t have a strong background in branding, marketing, fabrication, printing, and graphic design.

That’s where I come in.

magician billy diamond

Hello, my name is Billy Diamond! I’m an entertainer just like you. As a professional magician for over 40 years, I’ve toured from coast to coast. But for the last 25 years (in my small non-touring world), I’ve helped hundreds upon hundreds of entertainers around the world. By having an additional background in the printing industry, illusion creation, graphic design, and branding I’ve worked in every conceivable area (including back stage) to help entertainers level up their game and their shows. I work with magicians, ventriloquists, comedians, musicians, and other variety entertainers to get their show & their brand message right. It’s a combination of understanding your show and the business – – – show business.

I can help you create specialty props and consistent branding that extends to nearly every part of your entertainment business; both on stage or before you ever step foot into a venue.

I care about helping you with your brand

Jeff Hobson Magic
Jeff Hobson - California
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Service is too good for us silly magi’s. Send Billy to work for the U.S. government!

Ed Alonzo Comedy Magic
Ed Alonzo - California
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Thank you, Billy Diamond!

Cody Fisher Comedy Magic
Cody Fisher - Austin, TX
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Billy is GREAT to work with. Awesome customer service!

John Pizzi - New Jersey
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He’s THE EXAMPLE of how all current businesses today should run customer service.

David Doyle - California
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Very prompt, professional service.

Alexandre Figueiras magician
Alexandre Figueiras - Portugal
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Amazing customer service, and fast delivery.

Steve Wesseler - Washington
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The service here is way above expectations. Excellent to deal with.

Jim Abraham - Ohio
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Finally, a company that helps magicians market themselves!

Landon Harvey - Texas
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10/10 for THE Branding Man, Mr. Billy Diamond!

Thomas Fusillo - Ohio
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I couldn’t be happier. Thanks Billy.

Joshua Weidner - Illinois
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Billy took time and explained how he could help me get there.

Richard Antonio - Canada
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Billy Diamond is so full of knowledge in this field and I appreciate his one-on-one advice.

Robert Segal - Florida
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Billy came through for me once again! Fantastic look and quality.

Aaron Harp - Kentucky
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As always Billy went above and beyond! I'm getting used to this!

Michael Principato - Ohio
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He is very accommodating when I made changes in the middle of the project.

Jeff Veley Speaker
Jeff Veley - Grand Rapids
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Ordering was a breeze. Billy was helpful at each point in the process.

Book Better Events at Higher Fees

book better events as a performer and at higher fees

In the old days, just having a website was enough to stand out. But hey, not anymore. 

Today it’s easier than ever to put up a website and declare yourself “open for business.” People know that. Although, they will immediately tune out if what they see doesn’t grab their attention within 3-seconds.

Yup, the three-second rule.

The attention span is rapidly shrinking. Also, if you confuse them and they have to process what you do and they have to think through it – forget about it. You lost them. There are always more social media videos and political rants to divert their attention away from you.

Pretty soon, your potential gig buyer has lost themselves down a rabbit hole of social media posts and distractions. They won’t remember you unless you give them a reason to remember you. And listing all of your credits won’t cut it either regardless of what armchair experts try to tell you. It’s horse pucky.

I’m here to help you…

what are the chances of you becoming a star
get more fans as a an entertainer on social media
as entertainers you must follow the work that you love to do

Ever heard the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words?” That’s Visual Branding.

To stand out in the minds of a buyer of entertainment, you must capture their attention… and fast. More important than anything else people need to know what’s in it for them. So, credits are only a minor part of getting booked if you can truly fix a potential buyer’s problem.

With some great kick-butt branding, you’ll stand out from a crowded sea of entertainers. Great branding communicates in a split second that you’re the best choice (even if you’re not the best performer). The one who is the right fit for their event and their audience. Proper brand positioning can get you better shows at a higher rate.

Design, Printing, & Custom Fabrication

Take a peek at some of my past projects and you’ll see just how each custom job is uniquely different from the other. That’s because my goal is to make you stand out and look different from everyone else in your market.

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