Curtain Panels (Set of 2)


Enhance your Backdrop by changing the fabric color or adding to it to give it more bulk. Each curtain panel is 5′ wide by 10′ tall.

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See photos in the product description below for all color choices.


These are additional fabric curtain sets for your Backdrop System. They are great for either filling in with more curtain bulk or in which to change the color, look, and feel.

We have 15 different curtain colors for you to choose from (click an image below to enlarge)

 Set of 2 wrinkle-free (and flame retardant) curtains that help create more fill in your backdrop. They are also long enough so that you can swag them back, creating an opening at all times, while adding a fancier look and feel.

Each curtain panel is 5′ wide by 10′ (come with a set of 2 panels).


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