Thought Bubbles – Customized

Price ranges from $14.95

We professionally print Thought Bubbles with your custom message, logo, or picture. We can print single color or full color at the same low price. Our blank Thought Bubbles are a product provided to us in cooperation with Wonder Imagery (Tim Sonefelt). We simply print your custom messaging or graphic on this ingenious little prop (from our blanks or yours). Any Language, Any Font, Any Logo, Any Color!


Free Shipping in The USA


We Will Use Our Blank Bubble Inventory To Print Your Bubble
Your Existing Blank Bubble Sent To Us (You Save $7)
When opened the Thought Bubble is on your right side
When opened the Thought Bubble is on your left side
What Message Do You Want It To Say?

For visibility it is suggested a maximum of three lines of type (or 2 with a logo or photo). The maximum print area on a Thought Bubble is 12" x 9".

Option: Add a Logo or Photo To Your Bubble
Drop files to upload or UPLOAD

You may send us a high-resolution logo, photo, or any art file now, if you have any. We will use it to create your personalized Thought Bubble. We prefer vector files for best quality. OR, you may also send us your Print-Ready File now (12" wide x 9" tall at 300 dpi) if you have it available.

Color Choices, Font Choices, & Additional Notes:

If you have a certain font or fonts that you want to use or specific colors you may indicate them here. If you do not indicate anything we will choose the font and print it in black only. You will always receive an email proof before we print your Thought Bubble.


Perhaps you already have some existing blank Thought Bubbles sitting around from the package that you got from Tim Sonefelt of Wonder Imagery.  You’ve wondered and thought someday I’ll use those. Well now is your chance. We’ll professionally print your blank Bubbles for you or we can print on our own blanks and send them off to you. Choose any custom message you’d like (and in any language), a logo, an added photo, any color, and any font. It’s your choice! We can print single color all the way up to full color for the same low price. 

Professionally printed for you. Will not smear or run and is 100% waterproof.

  Mail us your existing blanks or we’ll provide custom printed Thought Bubbles from our inventory. 

 Choose any colors, any fonts, or even any language for your Thought Bubble message.

 Upload your own design if you’d like (9″x12″ max at 300 dpi) or we’ll design it for you.

 We will always email you a proof for your approval and prior to printing.

 Add a logo or even a photo to your Thought Bubble design, if you’d like us to add it to your message.

 You will ALWAYS receive a proof whether we design it for you or you submit the artwork.

 * 1 to 3 day turn-around time from order date to ship date. 

 Free Shipping in the U.S.A.


* If you are mailing us your own blank Thought Bubble(s) please allow 1 to 3 days turn-around time from the date that we receive your package.

Some Suggested Font Choices For You…


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