Billy Diamond’s – The Mind Reading Bunny

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A variation and trick all rolled up into one on an old classic prop. If you want serious attention with your brand and want an original idea, this little item packs a big punch to gain instant recognition and is a surefire way to make you memorable.

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“It amazes me how many older kids and even adults want their photo taken with my personalized wand!” – Fred Carter

“I have used Billy Diamond’s Mind Reading Bunny in my shows and the audience reaction is usually ‘How did they [the kid] do that’? You can get a lot of mileage out of this trick and the quality of this prop is simply the best.” – Derek Whitneck

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The Mind Reading Bunny is great because it allows your helper to not just be a part of the show, but with your help, it gives them the opportunity to perform a very powerful magic trick in front of their friends.

The Mind Reading Bunny is engineered differently too. Because of its design, it unwinds super fast. Instead of just a normal hole cut out, a full bunny is seen until you wave the magic wand.

But one of the main features is that it is no longer just a sight prop… it’s a powerful trick!

Basic EffectImagine bringing a child up on stage and telling your audience that you are going to turn your helper into a mind-reading bunny. As the audience shouts out several random animal choices, names, book titles, keywords from your educational show, or really— anything you’d like, you assure them that your mind-reading bunny is going to read “their minds”. Then after one of these items is randomly chosen by someone in the audience, it’s time for your mind-reading bunny to make their prediction — which of course they get right.

Comes with 3 routines and prediction trick ideas. You can even easily change the prediction in every single show that you do. Whether you want to play this as a comedy bit or a straight bit you’ll get real-world instruction and easy-to-do routines by Derek Whitnick and plenty of how-to videos.


Is it worth it if all cameras in the audience are focused on you and the child when the wand unrolls in a fast motion and they see YOUR MESSAGE, snap a photo, and upload it to their favorite social media platform? We think so…

With our Premium and Deluxe Version, it is a great way to promote your brand without looking promotional. 

 For the Premium and Deluxe Versions, edits and proofs will be provided prior to printing.

 Made of flame-retardant, easy-clean, 14 oz. vinyl, using vibrant digital printing.

 Each edge is perfectly hemmed to prevent fraying and offer long-lasting durability.

 Each wand is reinforced with metal (no wooden dowels) and our special design to make unrolling super fast!

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  1. Rick S. - Virginia
    5 out of 5

    Rick S. – Virginia (verified purchase)

    This is simply the best version of this that I have come across. I haven’t used a prop like this in years because I just felt it wasn’t that effective. But Billy’s version had me sold the moment I saw it. I used it for an Easter Show and it was a hit with the kids and an instant photo op after the show. Top quality and very well made!!!

  2. Mike C. - U.S.A.
    5 out of 5

    Mike C. – U.S.A. (verified purchase)

    Billy worked with me to get my product better than I could imagine! I use this as a way to drive traffic to my Facebook Fan page where people can download their photos – have already had several people hit the “Contact Me” button on the page and book a show so this has more than paid for itself in less than a month!

  3. Randall E. - Arkansas
    5 out of 5

    Randall E. – Arkansas (verified purchase)

    I had a volunteer to bunny wand many years ago. I used it several times, always getting just ok responses. I lost it in a move and just didn’t give it another thought – until I saw Billy’s Mind Reading Bunny wand. The product quality is just great and you will see the attention to detail that Billy is known for. The idea of using the wand as a way to make the child the “magician” and not just a bunny, is smart. If kids are in your audience, this won’t miss.

    P.S. I didn’t even mention the selfie possibilities. Instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat love these kind of pics and vids.

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