3-in-1 ATA Case Table

Price ranges from $560.00

Perfect for fly-in shows or cruise ship entertainers or where space is limited. Yet now you have that needed table and your props are right inside the case and at your fingertips. Street performers and clowns will also benefit from this as well, and let’s not forget how perfect this is for our ventriloquist friends. It has sturdy design and many functions – ALL IN ONE TABLE!

*See our full description below to compare style variations.

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Base Unit - NO Signage
WITH 3 Komatex (removable) Signs
WITH 4 Custom Vinyl Skins Applied
WITH Fully Wrapped Custom Vinyl


“Thank you for making the 3-in-1 ATA Case Table the best fully functional and easy to use performance table out there! I can store my show and use the table to perform on and ditch at the same time. WOW! I love the two tier system, making my show look bigger.  The only thing better than the 3-in-1 ATA Case Table would be TWO!” – Dave Rosado, Hampton Roads, VA

Actually, it has more than 3 combinations of usage and configuration so calling it a 3-in-1 table is actually an injustice. It is also a “Lockable” Close-Up Case that quickly converts to a performance table. It’s useful for carrying back of house sale merchandise (again, lockable) and becomes your instant demo table without having to find a table at the venue. You are now self-contained! 

It’s ‘over the top’ maximum (and on the fly) adjustable height (58″ high) can turn your show into a comedy bit when that nosy participant is trying to take a peek at what you have in there – just give it a raise and let the laughs pursue!

Anyone who uses a ditch principle or a moving load can already begin to imagine the huge possibilities that our main Ditch Tray offers, aside from just a place to store your props until they are needed.



Empty Weight: 17.0 lbs., 

Overall Exterior Size when the case is closed for travel: 23.25″ Long x 16.25″ Wide x 11.50″ Deep (with exterior telescopic handle) 

Overall Interior Space when the case is closed: 20″ Long x 15.50″ Wide x 8.375″ Deep (1.5 cu ft.)

Ditch Tray (ID): 20″ Long x 15.50″ Wide x 4.75″ Deep, suggested weight limit on set up – 15 lbs.

Table Panel/Tray (ID): 20.625″ Long x 15.50″ Wide x 4″ Deep (flipped over for additional tray usage), suggested weight limit on set up – 15 lbs.

Chrome Plated Stand: 6.6 lbs., 24″ footprint when opened, 33.75″ x 4.75″ collapsed

All case tables come with Lockable Latches in which to keep your content secure.

But wait… there’s more… The following items are extra available upgrades:

Comes with a detailed video showing setup, possible variations, and usage potential. 


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