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BFE EP17: The Sweet Life: S.O.S. (Save Our Space) guest Fred Becker


Whether performing on the high seas, or on TV shows like Penn & Teller: Fool Us, Fred & Bobbie Becker are a magical duo that know how to live and convey their brand. In this episode Fred speaks about what he and Bobbi have done during the pandemic and how they have pivoted to stay engaged with their audience and clients. He also let’s you in on some secrets of the cruise ship industry that he has gained (50 years combined experience along with Bobbie) in the cruise ship entertainment market. 



Fred & Bobbie’s Vlog files:

Great Read Preparing for Cruise Ship Entertainment Jobs

Ever thought about being a cruise ship entertainer? Gigs On Ships – Everything you need to know to book your act on cruise ships

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The Becker’s on Instagram



00:00 Intro: The Love Boat & Princess Cruises

03:27 Welcome Fred – It was going to be a great year

05:45 We planned for our future

06:58 A different sort of thought for virtual shows

11:43 Did the shift change your branding?

13:05 Taking your time to get it right

14:41 What’s next

16:16 Cruise ship state of the industry

18:27 Land versus Sea

19:35 How does a person become a cruise ship entertainer

27:59 Promo reels

30:50 Being the face of the brand on a ship

32:11 Markets are segmented & service-geared

36:53 Show notes and outro

37:27 Bonus: What happened to The Love Boat?

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