Branding Lecture Video Download +Notes +Bonus Materials


Here are the tools you need to help you build your Super Hero brand in the entertainment business. Billy will teach you branding through his 54-minute lecture video and 37 pages of bonus download materials. He’ll also equip you with some powerful secrets that most of your competition isn’t doing when it comes to being “top of mind” with your ideal buyer.


BONUS CONTENT included below consists of 5 downloadable PDF files (75 printable pages).

brand glossary
How to be you with your brand

Here’s what awaits you inside this 54-minute business video presentation & extra printable bonus material

Part 1: Think Different To Become A Remembered Brand

  1. Who is Billy & what does he do?
  2. So what is branding and how is it better than marketing?
  3. The Three V’s of Branding & Why They’re Important
  4. Why creating a brand is so important as an entertainer
  5. Where we [amateurs and pros alike] usually screw up our brand

Part 2: Take Charge of Your Brand

  1. Done correctly, branding leads to being remembered, better shows, and higher pay
  2. Relationship Building
  3. Niching Down Your Market
  4. Why you are going to be the go-to guy or girl in your market
  5. Easy ways to start brand building
  6. Can’t wear all the hats in business
  7. BeCOME You!
  8. Tap into Character Opportunities (beyond your stage character)

Part 3: Harness the Power of Character Opportunity

  1. Become like George Bailey (beyond the visual brand)
  2. What’s your hook & how to think it through?
  3. Being unique instead of like other entertainers
  4. Sound bites in branding
  5. From your clothing, to your smile, and to you hair
  6. Visual trademark and what to aspire for
  7. What’s in a name?
  8. Room presence – commanding attention (humbly of course)
  9. Creating LIVE SHOW brand experiences

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  1. Bruce Young
    5 out of 5

    Bruce Young (verified purchase)

    I enjoyed the download and found many great tips and ideas.

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