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We apologize but we are not accepting any additional podcast guests at this time!

HELLO YOU. Thank you for your interest in becoming a guest on The Branding For Entertainers Podcast.

Before we get you scheduled here are some things to consider and also a few tips that our past guests really appreciated knowing but also contributed their feedback to. We think that you will find this helpful as well as we prepare for an awesome episode together.

BUT FIRST… A big thank you. We know that your time is valuable and we don’t take that lightly.

Time & Topic

We'll talk for about 30 minutes but please allow a 40 minute time slot just in case we need it.
In the notes section of our scheduler (below) be sure to tell us your area of expertise and what you'd like to discuss on the episode. While we will talk about a variety of things this will help us with our overall podcast theme and help us stay on topic. Don't worry, we will also give you time to pitch any product or services that you'd like to offer listeners as well.

How We Record

Our podcast is an AUDIO ONLY podcast. So, you will NOT need a camera.
You will however need to be on either a PC or Mac computer/laptop in which to conduct our podcast interview (unless we arrange a phone call interview instead).

We'll send you a website link prior our interview. You will NOT need to download any special software. We do NOT use Zoom or Skype to record our interviews.

We use specifically enhanced podcast software so that we can get the best audio feed possible.
Since people will not see you we want to be sure you sound as good as possible. Our software is able to do this.

Simple Tech Gear (if you have it)

The following items are helpful to give us the best experience possible. They are not mandatory but they are indeed helpful in the recording process, if you have them.

1) A set of earbuds or plugged in headphones will be a huge help to you so that you can hear questions more easily. It will also help you filter out any possible distractions around you. It also breaks up the possibility of any potential feedback or looping from your microphone.

2) An external microphone (not the one inside your computer) hooked up to you computer will help with our sound quality. Some guests use a headset, while others have used a simple USB mic (that plugs into your computer) on a stand, and yet others use higher-end broadcast mics on a boom arm. Whatever is in your budget and whatever works for you is what we will do. These suggestions are just to give us a nice clean quality of your voice. This is a show. Let's give it our best.

3) BONUS: We have also had guests record their own audio feed of their voice (track) on their end and then send it to us. Even though we record you on a separate audio track on our end this can be helpful for us to have.

Oops That Shouldn't Be In The Podcast

We understand that many of our guests are recording with us from the road and a distraction-free-zone is not always possible. However, please try to make sure you are in a quiet place that is free from distractions. It is not always possible and sometimes interruptions, well, they just happen (someone walks in, you cough or sneeze, the dog barks, etc.). We get it. Don't worry, we got you covered. Since we do post-editing for each episode, we will simply pick up where we left off and catch it in editing. The same applies if you say something that shouldn't be broadcast to the world. We'll edit it out for you.

Whew… we got through that and hopefully didn’t scare you off. We are looking out for your best interest as a guest and as a brand as well. We want you to enjoy this process and have fun with us. If any part is unclear or seems too complicated please reach out to us. As long as your request does not sacrifice quality we are happy to work with you any way that we can. We know that you have a lot to offer our listeners and we are so grateful.

Now, let’s get you scheduled on the podcast! Once you choose a date below you will have a chance to pick a time slot that works best for you (we have day and night slots).

The BFE Podcast schedule calendar is not available at this time. 

We look forward to chatting with you real soon and to you becoming a part of these great podcast episodes like our other guests

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