Welcome to our online video instructions page. Here you will be able to watch “How To” videos for items that you have purchased from us. 

1) Simply scroll the list below to find the product that you have purchased. 2) You will then be taken to your video in a new window. 3) Next, type in the secure password that you were given with your specific product.

3-In-1 ATA Case Table – Set up Options

AnyShow Outcome – Instructions

Birthday Production – Instructional Video

Instant Birthday Goodies – How To Instructional

Diamond’s Wonder Lamp (All Models) – Instructional

Halloween Banner Production – Instructional

Have A Fish – Instructional

InstaWand – Instructional & Set up

Instant Pitchman Table – Set up Options

Jumbo Card Box – Fabrication

On The Trap Door – Instructions

Pop Up Display Wall – Set up

Pull Up Banner Stand – Set Up

Shadow Stretch Box Illusion – Set up, Walk through, and Tips

Show Rules – Set up & Instructional Video

Table Banner & Production Trick – Instructions

The Edison Box Instructions

Trap Door Production – Full Instructions

Trick Insurance:  The Social Media Wand – Instructional

You Are Next/Next In Line Mats – Care Video

You Name It – Instruction How-To Video

You Name It – PRO Edition Instructions