How To Send Us Your Artwork Files

Often times our clients like to either design their own artwork or have their graphic designer submit the artwork on their behalf. In all instances we want to give you the best quality possible. So, please be sure to follow our Design Specs & Template information for our products.

The easiest way to send us large image files is to click on the image below and follow these steps. NOTE: You do NOT have to sign up for Simply scroll down and click the link that says “I just want to send files”.

Uploading & Sending Large Files | Up To 2GB

1. Click the + sign to upload files (or select a folder). You can add multiple files from your computer (up to 2 GB).

2. In the “Email to” field add:

3. Add your email address.

4. Important! In the “Message” box, please write what you are ordering and/or what the artwork is in reference to. If you already have an order number and have already paid for your order you may simply add that number with any additional notes you see fit.

5. Once ready, click the “Transfer” button.

6. You will receive a notification email to let you know that you have successfully sent your file(s). We will also be notified that we have files from you that are ready to download.

7. Once we receive your artwork, we will acknowledge receipt. Should we have any additional questions or concerns, we will reach out to you.


If you have any questions or need any assistance, please give us a call at 1-615-307-1287 or Email us at: If you do not receive a confirmation within 1 hour, please give us a call.

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