Thought Bubbles Set (+how to erase and reuse blanks)


A full set of Tim Sonefelt’s Thought Bubbles plus a bonus blank bubble with Billy’s secret “How To Erase and Reuse” the same blank bubbles over and over again. Set of 7 plus detailed video.

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These Thought Bubbles by Tim Sonefelt of Wonder Imagery work hand-in-hand with our Backstage Experience Backdrop or are even a great prop independently.

We give you Tim’s full set of 6 Bubbles PLUS WE ADD AN EXTRA MAGNETIC BLANK to the package. 

Additionally, we give you detailed instructions (Billy’s video) and everything you need to begin to erase a blank Thought Bubble so that you can change names and use it for ANY NAME, ANY MESSAGE, or at ANY EVENT. 

Comes with:

Preprinted “LOL” Bubble

Preprinted “I’m On Facebook” Bubble

Preprinted “3 of Hearts” Bubble

3 “Blank” Bubbles

BONUS: 1 (one) additional blank with magnetic points to place anywhere on your backdrop

Video from Wonder Imagery with tips, ideas, and care



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