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A professional looking greeting or thank you card for your brand can do more than just show that you care. It makes a personal and emotional connection in which to keep relationships growing so that people remember you and you stand out.

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A personalized greeting card or thank you card is a great way to stay connected with your buyers or your audience to let them know how much you appreciate them, but more importantly to foster relationships. This simple little gesture can go a long long way to keep your brand remembered long after an event has come and gone or even to use before you get to an event.

What are some more benefits of a custom greeting or thank you card

Imagine in our world of virtual inboxes and emails and how much gets lost. But what if a person could actually go to their actual mailbox and receive a personalized card that is hand-written and addressed personally to them (very easily). This has the power to make an emotional connection with them that the internet cannot do!

• Imagine the impact you can have by sending a birthday kid a card every single year of their life, celebrating his or her special day. I bet you’ll not only get remembered, but I bet you’ll get more bookings too. You will become who they want! when they need your type of service.

• Imagine your corporate client or any other buyer or agent getting your personalized greeting card or thank you card. You’ll certainly stand out from your competition who is either sending an email, or even worse, doing nothing.

We will custom design a card that not only fits your look, voice, and feel, but can be completely customized for every single person you decide to send it to. The great news… you can make this easy personal connection by printing and sending them yourself from home, having them professionally printed, send it electronically through an email when needed, or by using a professional card sending service. You can send the card immediately or set up a release date several months in advance where they send the card out for you several days before it needs to be there. It’s an economical way to continue to develop deeper and meaningful relationships between them, you, and your brand.

Our direct one-on-one interaction with you for a greeting or thank you card design means that you won’t get a cookie-cutter design. Your concept and design will represent you and your brand so that it matches your market and your audience. In fact, after you get your initial concept we even include up to 3 additional proof edits to make sure that (together) we hit your target for this great little — high impact piece.

As a bonus, we also put together a detailed PDF Greeting Card Guide for you that not only shows you step-by-step how to use your newly designed card, but makes this process super easy to do. These details include where to purchase professional looking cards and envelopes for your new design to what paper stock you can purchase and use on your home printer, and there’s much more. You’ll also get your electronic files plus all of your print-ready files sent to you to use, any way that you want. 

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