NextGen Hollow Bulbs

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Let’s face it, lightbulbs have changed over the years. If you need a milk lamp replacement bulb we’ve taken the hollow bulb to the next generation. We offer a few pour styles and sizes to choose from. These are for our Diamond’s Wonder Lamp but should work in any style commercial milk lamp as well (verify size).

Be sure to look at the various styles below in our description area to determine your preferences.

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Choose an option
7oz. Standard Pour
7oz. Slow Pour
11oz. Standard Pour
11oz. Slow Pour


Each bulb is personally hand-made and tested for quality.

These Next Gen Hollow Bulbs are made primarily of plastic. The globe is a nice clear plastic and offers just as much visibility as a glass bulb. The difference is that you won’t have to worry about dealing with glass or the worry of breaking a bulb. 

⇒ Great for liquid in Bulb

⇒ Silk in Bulb

⇒ Salt in Bulb

⇒ Fish in Bulb

We offer two hollow bulb sizes for your lightbulb effect, a bulb that will hold 7 ounces of liquid and a bulb that will hold 11 ounces of liquid. In addition, we offer two variations styles, which are dependent upon your your personal preferences. If you are unsure which style you use, desire, or need, let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

Bulb Specs:

7oz. Standard Pour Bulb: 2.625″ in diameter and is 5.25″ high.

7oz. Standard Pour Bulb: 2.625″ in diameter and is 5.375″ high.

11oz. Standard Pour Bulb: 3.25″ in diameter and is 5.875″ high.

11oz. Slow Pour Bulb: 3.25″ in diameter and is 6″ high.


Standard Pour Bulb: It is the most popular and is typically the standard pour duration that has been used in the milk lamp effect for years. This style offers a quick or fast pour time and is a stopper-plug that is attached inside the screw base. When you’re ready, you simply pull it off and begin your pour. Regardless if you choose the smaller or larger bulb you will receive a complete bulb and gimmick that is ready for use. 

Slow Pour Bulb: Just like its name suggests this style bulb will permit you much more pour time. This version is best for literally “milking” applause from the audience as you begin to pour the liquid from the bulb. Unlike our standard pour bulb, the gimmick is the traditional rubber stopper plug that you are probably familiar with already.


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