Hollow Bulb Gimmicks – Extra Parts

Price ranges from $6.00

While your hollow bulb gimmicks vary, depending upon what type of bulb you own, they should last you a long time, we understand though that sometimes you need extras. See the description area below for additional details.

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Fast Pour Gimmick - 2 pack
Ultimate Bulb Gimmick - 2 pack


NOTICE: Due to the inexpensive price of these items you must have proof that you own one of our bulb-related products in order to make a purchase. Failure to do so will result in an immediate refund and refusal of sale. This is to deter the curiosity-seekers to our trick methods. Thank you for understanding.

We offer two (2) gimmick variations, which are dependent upon your existing bulb, usage, and or personal preferences. If you are unsure which style you use, desire or need let us know and we will be happy to assist you. 

Fast Pour Hollow Bulb Gimmick – For use with our 5-ounce and 7-ounce style hollow bulbs. These are the most common style gimmicks for our hollow reusable bulbs. Price: $6.00 / pack of 2

Ultimate Hollow Bulb Gimmick – These gimmicks can be used for a variety of bulb uses, from a silk, card, salt, currency, to a ring. It also provides maximum inspection, if needed. Works with both an A19 (5oz.) and an A21 (7oz.) style bulb. You must have proof that you own one of our bulb-related products in order to purchase these gimmicks. Price: $10.00 / pack of 2


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