Have A Fish


An original from our non-branded product line. Inspired by a trick from the mid-1800s and updated to become a more relevant and identifiable piece of magic in your show…

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Ready to perform and comes with everything you need (except the fish)

Can be done surrounded

Great for Street Magic, Close up, Platform, or Stage

No chemicals of any sort

Easy to do for any skill level

Effect: The magician walks out with a plastic grocery bag in one hand and a travel tumbler, filled with cola, in the other. Setting the cola down for a moment he reaches into the grocery bag and pulls out a bag of cheddar cheese goldfish crackers. Showing the bag to the audience he reaches in and begins to eat a few of the crackers. Realizing that they are making him thirsty he picks up his cola and begins to suck on the straw. But wait, there’s a problem. He is sucking the straw, but no soda is coming through it. He unscrews the lid of the tumbler and removes the straw. Upon looking into the end of the 

straw he realizes the problem. It’s clogged. Gesturing to the audience of the problem he blows real hard into the end of the straw and a goldfish cracker comes forth. After showing the clogged goldfish cracker to the audience he pops it into his mouth and begins to chew it. As he is chewing he grabs the tumbler of cola and the plastic grocery bag. He places the bag over the top of the cola and holds it high in the air. As he does this he points to his mouth and the goldfish that he is still chewing. In a simulated spitting motion toward the bag and covered cola, he looks at the audience as if to indicate the magic just happened. And indeed it has! He looks up under the bag, glances at the audience, and then quickly pulls the bag off the tumbler and crumbles it into a ball. Now in place of the cola is totally CLEAR water with a live goldfish swimming around inside of the tumbler. APPLAUSE!

Note: Fish not included! Tumbler may vary.

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  1. Dean Berg - Washington, D.C.
    5 out of 5

    Dean Berg – Washington, D.C. (verified purchase)

    I am always looking for a new ‘goldfish trick’ and this is new and old at the same time. Based on an old effect, but made modern for today’s audiences. It’s been getting incredible reactions all summer. I’ve used it in 20 shows already and every time it brings gasps and then cheers. It’s GREAT. I can’t say enough fine things about the Have A Fish routine!!!!

  2. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Timothy D. – U.S.A.

    I had to post my experience with the “Have A Fish” effect… LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! I performed it several times for high end events as part of my table magic and it went over VERY VERY WELL! It was one of my best effects of the night! Imagine having a live fish appear in the glass that they are holding… from COKE to A LIVE FISH!!! BEST BUY EVER!

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