Custom Printed Face Masks

Price ranges from $16.95

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Prices are dependent upon one-sided versus two-sided masks.

One-Sided Mask
Two-Sided Mask
Small Face Mask - 4.33″ x 6.49″
Medium Face Mask - 5.1“ x 7.1“
Large Face Mask - 5.52″ x 8.25″



Step 1: Choose your facemask size (small, medium, or large).

Step 2: Decide if you want one-sided or two-sided printing (reversible mask).

Step 3: Tell us what color you want your mask to be or if you want a background pattern.

Step 4: Upload your logo or your art. If you don’t have either simply tell us what you want and we’ll make the magic happen.

Our custom printed masks protect your mouth and nose with comfortable breathable material. They are machine washable and completely reusable. They have a 4-way stretch, which means that they fit all types of faces.

Each custom printed mask comes in an individually wrapped and protected cello pack for sanitary reasons and indicates the face mask size.

The fabric is 3 layers and is made from two polyester outer layers and an inner cotton layer.  It is easy to breathe in this mask. Each mask has a black sewn trimmed border and has elastic ear loops that are adjustable for a comfortable fit.

Available in Small, Medium, and Large. To better assist you in making a size decision we have outlined the mask dimensions for each size below.

    • Small measures 4.33″ high x 6.49″ wide
    • Medium measures 5.1“ high x 7.1“ wide
    • Large measures 5.52″ high x 8.25″ wide




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