Birthday Production

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It’s a great way to produce goody bags, candy, a gift for the special birthday person, souvenirs, a magic kit or even a transition into your next trick with that special birthday person, and SO MUCH MORE! Not only is it branded with your info, but it is a perfect photo-op as well. 

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Well print your name and info on one of over 4 million backgrounds of your choice.
We'll use your logo, photo, contact info, etc. on any one of over 4 million background choices.
Must meet our print and size specs.
Your Name & Info on Our Design
Your Name or Logo & Info on ANY Graphic
Your Print-Ready Artwork
Want an easy up-sell to that party?

Add a “temporary” Birthday Child’s name to make them feel super important (blends in with your banner design- see photo below).

What name(s) would you like printed for your temporary decals?
Add a matching Branded Birthday Card & give it to the Birthday Child, during the trick or send it prior to the show (Printable, 2-sided PDF)

Print at Home or Professionally.

Need to send us your logo?

You may send us your high-resolution logo or any art files now, if you have any. We will use them to create your product. We prefer vector files for best quality. OR, you may also send us your Print-Ready File now if you have it available.

Drop files to upload or UPLOAD
Drop files to upload or UPLOAD

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Effect: To honor the special birthday person you pull out a box (which can be gift wrapped like a birthday present) and you explain that you know that they probably get all kinds of cards for their special day. In keeping with the spirit of their special day, you explain that you too have a birthday card that you would like to show to them, as well as to the audience. Upon inviting the birthday person onto the stage you begin to open the box and pull out a rolled-up banner card. Upon letting it unroll with a hard snap the audience sees a blank white backside. You turn it around to also show the other side and there is a birthday greeting that reads ‘Happy Birthday Wishes’, followed by your personalized printed name, logo or character drawing, website, or phone number.

After you have freely shown both sides of the banner card and have read the birthday wish aloud you explain that you want to offer them a truly ‘magical birthday’. Folding the banner card in half you say that this is where most people make a wish (insert jokes here). You can now either reach into the fold of the banner and begin to pull out multiple items or you can grab the top and bottom of the banner card and slowly open it to reveal special items of your choice.

Imagine a prop with visual appeal that does more than just acknowledge that special birthday person in your audience, but offers a way to magically produce a variety of items, which could include: goody or favor bags for the guests, a huge amount of candy, a gift for the special birthday person, souvenirs, a magic kit or even a transition into your next trick with that special birthday person, The best part is that it makes a perfect photo-op with the birthday person during or after the show because it has your name and contact info printed right on the banner.

To make you uniquely different we allow you to choose from over 4 million background images upon completion of checkout. We’ll even help you one-on-one with the art direction of your project – making your job totally stress-free! Allow the art to us and we’ll incorporate your existing logo or name. We will then send you a proof for approval, prior to printing it and fabricating your prop.

Choose your starting background…


Want To Add A Special Touch To The Already Special Birthday Occasion…

As if your trick customized branded birthday banner card isn’t already special enough — we offer an easy way in which to temporarily apply (and then remove) the birthday person’s personalized name. No, you don’t have to have a new banner printed for each and every performance! We provide you with a pre-printed name or names of your choice in our matching font vinyl press on transfer so that it blends in to look like their name is printed with the rest of the message and right on the trick itself. Think of it like a temporary tattoo where you apply it, press it on, pull off the clear film, and BAM… you’re done and ready to go. Temporary Name Transfers are sold separately. 



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