Backstage Experience Backdrop

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Don’t let this powerful 5-foot wide by 7-foot tall (adjustable height) branded backdrop fool you. It’s much more than what it appears to be! If you want a return on your investment and want to maximize your name on social media then Backstage Experience will have kids lining up. Parents will be uploading photos showing what a great time they had. It’s a personal experience that you helped to create and it’s one of the best and easiest ways to effectively promote your brand.

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Standard - Bunny & Your Face
Premium - Your Face & Your Body
Deluxe - You/Your Character(s) w/ any changes
Upload Your Logo or Vector Art that you might already have (not required)
Drop files to upload or UPLOAD
You may send us a high-resolution file that we may use to create your product. You may also upload examples if you need us to create your artwork from your idea.
Drop files to upload or UPLOAD
You may send us a high-resolution file that we may use to create your product. You may also upload examples if you need us to create your artwork from your idea.
Drop files to upload or UPLOAD
You may send us a high-resolution file that we may use to create your product. You may also upload examples if you need us to create your artwork from your idea.
Drop files to upload or UPLOAD
You may send us a high-resolution file that we may use to create your product. You may also upload examples if you need us to create your artwork from your idea.
Add some Thought Bubbles to enhance the photo op experience...
Comes with Billy’s How-To Secret Erase Video
Comes with 2-Magnetic Blanks, 2-Regular Blanks, I'm On Facebook, 3 of Hearts, LOL, plus Billy’s How-To Secret Erase Video.


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Here’s How It Works…

At the conclusion of your show, you explain that many times you are asked what it is like to perform on stage. You tell the children that in a moment they are going to have the chance to get a backstage look and even become a performer in the show. (You’re about to create an experience). You walk over and pull the faces off of the characters on your backdrop and it now becomes a photoshoot opportunity, aside from being just a backdrop. Enlisting an adult behind the backdrop to help organize children for photos and to enforce the rules allows you time to pack up the show or simply mingle and be the nice guy (or girl). You encourage people to take photos and upload them to social media and tag themselves and you. The backdrop, of course, has your name on it (and contact info). To make it interesting you can even create a social media photo contest.


This 57″ wide box style retractable banner stand is great as a stand-alone item or as a small backdrop for smaller venue settings. Our stands are made of anodized aluminum, making it very portable.

It sets up and packs down in its case in less than 2 minutes.  

Two – 1-inch diameter sturdy telescopic poles allow you to change your banner height for the photoshoot if needed. However, we put a lot of time into creating our art for the average child’s height, ranging from 4 to 12 years of age. But even the big kids will get involved – we promise!

⇒ Free up your time to pack up after the show

Instantly create free social media attention with your audience

Create an experience — make them look and feel super special

They’ll help tell your story for you (experience from your brand)


This one was made specifically for a client to use with his ProMystic routine:

Art Options:

We provide Backstage Experience in 3 possible art variations and price points for you. All options include your name and personal info as desired by you

1) Standard Bunny & Magician with or without the cape (your choice). Note that we have made the magician wearing gloves so that it can remain ethnically diverse for you and in any party situation. It’s easy! We take a provided photo of your head & turn it into a (vector) cartoon-like head to match our existing artwork. If you already have a vector graphic that has your head on it we can use that too. Your name (and any other info) will appear on the marquee as text. No logo names on this version.

2) Premium Magician (Most Popular Style): We can swap out the magician and make it completely YOU. We’ll create it for you or if you already have a vector graphic of yourself as a cartoon, chances are we can use that too. If you already have one it is important to use it to keep as much consistency in your brand as possible. 

3) Deluxe Characters: Perhaps you have special characters in your show (think puppets & ventriloquism) that are also part of your brand and are important to promote. This package includes up to two (vector) cartoon-like characters. It could be you and one of your characters or two characters. In this package, we’ll even swap out elements such as the table and background for a more preferred look and design that is more personalized for you.  We’ll even incorporate your logo if you have one.

*In all instances you will receive proofs prior to us printing your banner and assembly.

All three options above include the assembled stand and it is shipped to you ready to set up right out of the box.

Product Specs:

  • Weight: 10.5 lbs. (stand base, poles, and with print)
  • 2 – Adjustable Telescopic Poles that adjust from 34″ to 84″
  • Anodized Aluminum Banner Stand Base
  • Includes Nylon Travel Bag with Strap
  • Banner Width: 57″
  • Banner Height: 34″ to 84″ (adjusts as needed)
  • Base Footprint: 59″ x 13.5″

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  1. Dinky Gowen - Kentucky
    5 out of 5

    Dinky Gowen – Kentucky (verified purchase)

    This product was one of the best things I had purchased in years! The parents love it just as much as the kiddos! As if that was not enough, Billy’s customer service is definitely the best in the biz! I highly recommend this wonderful product.

  2. Richard A. - Winnipeg, Canada
    5 out of 5

    Richard A. – Winnipeg, Canada (verified purchase)

    I ordered my Backstage Experience Backdrop a few months ago. Something happened after I received it and started to use it in my shows. My bookings skyrocketed. Coincidence maybe? Once I started to post pictures of my Themed Folding Table (that I also bought from Billy) along with my Backstage Experience Backdrop, my bookings literally doubled. The Backstage Experience Backdrop added that extra professional theme to my shows. I now see the importance of branding and how it affects ones business such as mine.

    Not only did Billy theme my new backdrop similar to my new table, but he actually took the time to ensure every aspect of the backdrop was the way I wanted it prior to him making it. The artwork is incredible and when I bring it to my shows, the crowd loves it. The kids and adults both love the fact that they can take pictures of their faces as cartoon characters using the backdrop. When they look at those pictures after the fact they also see my advertising.

    Very clever! Billy Diamond is the only one I now work with to develop my stage. He is so full of knowledge in this field and I appreciate his one-on-one advice. I’ve been in the business since 2002 and I’ve learned more from Billy the last few months than I have from anyone else. Thank you again Billy for everything you have designed for me so far. I feel you are more of a friend trying to really help me succeed than just someone who is trying to take my money. I write this from my heart and once again five stars is what you deserve!

  3. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Jeff K. – Atlanta, GA (verified purchase)

    I ordered my Backstage Experience Backdrop the first day I saw it on facebook. Billy was very helpful throughout the process. The artwork looks great and the product is high quality and well built.

    I used it for the first time last week. I used it as a backdrop for my birthday party show and then invited the kids to come up after the show and take pictures… what surprised me, though, was the large number of adults in the family who also wanted to take photos with the backdrop. They loved it and it was a huge success.

    I also love how easy it is to use … it sets up in just a minute or two, it’s easy to carry in and out of the venue, and it doesn’t take up a large footprint behind my performance space.

    Thanks, Billy, for a great addition to my show!

    – Jeff Knight, Jeffini the Great – Atlanta GA

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