ATA Case Roll-On Table


It’s not just a roll-on table! It’s a heavy-duty lockable ATA Case that holds your gear and quickly converts to a performance table. It’s perfect for that small show where you can just pick it up and go and be ready and set at a moment’s notice.

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By itself, it can be a stand-alone close-up case and performance table. Set up on its fashionable stand with wheels it is a stage roll-on table that contains your props. This case is also useful for carrying some back-of-house sales merchandise and can become your instant demo table without having to find a table at the venue. You are now self-contained.

The suitcase-style setup allows you to keep the lid open and upright for your entire show, or open and close it in which to retrieve props one at a time. Another option is to simply remove the lid completely and you have a ditch style tabletop for easy access or to get rid of props quickly. Scroll down to see our included BONUS FEATURE.


 Case Dimensions: 20″ x 16″ x 9″

 Height On Caster Base: 38″ tall

 Empty weight: 16 lbs.

Grooved Aluminum Extrusion

3/8″ Plywood Construction with durable Honeycomb Laminate

Recessed Spring-Loaded Handle 

Recessed Butterfly Twist Latches

Lockable Latches

Ball Corners

Foam and cabinet carpet interior

Caster-style base and upright support pole is cast iron construction with a nice chrome finish

⇒ Base and upright detach from the case via a flange and thumbscrew

Hinged (lift off hinges) Lid w/ detachable Lid Stay allows you to remove the lid if you just want a ditch table

As opposed to regular laminated cases, the Honey Comb laminate helps prevent minor to mild scratches

⇒ Custom graphics – Removable or Permanent Signage available upon request




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