Diamond’s Wonder Lamp (Style: 5′ Tall Floor Model)

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LIFETIME WARRANTY! Custom built and themed out just for you and to match your show style! ELECTRONICALLY ENGINEERED FOR PERFECTION. NO ASSISTANT IS NEEDED. PERFECT FOR THE SOLO PERFORMER! Use this trick as a Fish in Light Bulb routine, Salt in Light Bulb, Silk in Bulb, Card in Light Bulb, any Liquid in Light Bulb, or nearly anything that can fit inside the solid bulb. Or, use our personal favorite — Borrowed Bill in Light Bulb.

Comes complete with included rugged ATA Case.

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Not all lamps are created equal. An original from our non-branded product line. This is the trick that started it all – Billy’s fabrication business, that is. This is also the (more than just a milk) lamp of choice when it comes to the pros! Custom-made to fit your show style as well as a Lifetime Guarantee!

Billy Diamond Milk Lamp



Use this trick as a Fish in Light Bulb routine, Salt in Light Bulb, Silk in Bulb, Card in Light Bulb, any Liquid in Light Bulb, or nearly anything that can fit inside the solid bulb. Or, use our personal favorite – Borrowed Bill in Light Bulb.

As a Borrowed Bill in Light Bulb routine — 

Imagine borrowing a bill of any denomination you desire from a participant in the audience (even plastic foreign currency). As you bring them up to help, you explain that sometimes in the right lighting you can tell if a bill is counterfeit or not. You then walk over to the lamp and turn it on. You then ask them for their bill and hold it near the light as if inspecting in the light to see if it is real or counterfeit. The lamp shines bright (60 watts) as you explain that you believe that the bill may be counterfeit, but let’s check. You rip off (or cut plastic) a large corner of their bill and give it to them as a receipt.

Now you openly destroy their currency right in front of their eyes. Or you can also use your favorite method for vanishing their bill. As soon as the bill vanishes the lamp goes dark (you have complete control of the timing the lamp goes out at all times). You look at the lamp and then at the participant, and then back at the lamp again. You walk over to the lamp and say, “I think the lamp detected that your bill was no good”. You take the lampshade off as if to fix it, but as you do the participant can visibly see the bill inside the bulb. (NO FUNNY MOVES OR FUMBLING EVER). Without touching the bulb or bill you pick up the lamp and ask the participant to carefully unscrew the warm bulb from its socket. Upon doing so you ask if the bill is really concealed inside the light bulb. As they reply with a “YES” you instruct them to place the bulb inside a clear plastic zippered bag, which they have been holding, and that has been completely visible the entire time. You state that the only way in which to get to the contents of the bulb is to break it. At no time do you even touch the bag or bulb. You state the only way to get to the content is to break the bulb. Slamming the bag and bulb against a table the bulb quickly shatters, leaving a bill and broken glass inside the plastic zippered bag. You have them unzip the bag and carefully pull out the bill. Upon unrolling it appears to be missing a corner. You ask them to line up the receipt corner that they were given earlier. It is a perfect match (including any serial numbers)!

Billy’s Borrowed Bill in Light Bulb routine has been a visual audience-pleaser. THIS TRICK PACKS SMALL AND PLAYS VERY BIG! Your audience will have long forgotten the guy who made their bill reappear inside a lemon, but will remember you as the guy who shed new light on an old trick!

Our Non-Liquid style Light Bulbs can withstand the closest of close-up inspection! What about future bulbs you ask? Future bulbs can be ordered by the dozen or the included instructional video shows you how to easily make them in less than 5 minutes with a standard light bulb and common household items.

Did you know that Billy created & sold his first Floor Model Lamp in 1999?

That’s right. While the classic milk lamp effect has been around for many years and magicians have made all kinds of objects appear from light bulbs, in 1995 Billy put a newly engineered design to the test. This design was made to replace the old U.F. Grant and Abbott’s table lamp design in many ways. After two years of development and another 2 years in his own show, it was placed on the market worldwide. Not only has the engineering been drastically improved for deception, but the highly visual floor lamp, with an RC module, was implemented in which to make this real easy for the solo performer. If that weren’t enough, Billy made these lamps to pack down small for travel, but when set up, offer huge production value to even a small show. While Billy’s engineering has pretty much remained the same since 1995 the lamp (both the floor and table model version) has evolved into an, even more, streamline and foolproof piece over the years. Its mechanics and execution for performance are simple and yet it is very visually appealing to both the audience and the performer.

Billy has put his heart and soul into further development of not only the lamps that he builds but has expanded upon the hollow light bulbs that many of us have seen from days of old. A prime example of this is his  Borrowed Bill In Light Bulb, using the lamps, in which a spectator can actually remove the light bulb from the lamp socket themselves and clearly examine it up close and personal. Additionally, Billy has developed slow liquid and salt pour bulbs, fast pour bulbs, and more recently, as technology has expanded, has developed the Hollow LED Style Bulb. This is the Cadillac of lamps and is owned by some of magic’s star performers from around the globe. A lot of the first models are still used today or have become sought-after collector pieces.

Bundle Combo Package includes:

–   The deceptive Lamp w/ RC Control Remote

–   Instructional Video with tips and bonus material

–   1 Large Style Bulb (7oz.) & Gimmick 

–   1 Standard Style (5 oz.) Liquid Bulb & Gimmick

–   3 Borrowed Bill in Bulb Style Hollow Bulbs and Gimmick (also for multi-use)

–   Plus an emergency backup for your lamp

–   Foreign Electricity & Converter Guide

–   Bonus: Includes an emergency kit with the household tools needed to make additional hollow bulbs. This small kit is great to throw in your case for on-the-road situations. Just grab any standard or halogen style light bulb and get to work

–   Rugged ATA Foam Lined Flight Case (Black)

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  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Aarón V. – Spain

    I think a review has to be done after checking the product so…

    After 2 months working every day on my tour in Asia with my Diamond Wonder Lamp (floor model) I want to say:

    The product is wonderful, Billy takes care with the details for making it the best.

    The reaction of the audience is spectacular.

    The product— its a real lamp with real light bulb. It’s very versatile, many effects in one product.

    It has the option of a professional fly-case, highly recommended for transport.

    The attention of Billy during the manufacturing was incredible, very close.

    The product arrived with incredible packaging, detailed instructions for the use on paper and video and accessories.

    I only can say: Thanks Billy!

    100% professional – highly recommended!

  2. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Timothy D. – U.S.A.

    I wanted an effect that almost very few magicians do in a show… something unique and really different that I could build up as well as it being part of a visual prop on stage. I actually used this as part of a reveal to a mentalism effect were the answer to the effect was a fish… I produced the fish in the light!!! The audience was BLOWN AWAY! Another great thing about this effect… you can switch it up with milk or salt or other things in the light bulb! It’s a large and visual (Great Production Value to your show), while also it breaks down great into a perfect case for transport… amazing quality … it’s worth every penny! Thank you Billy for your awesome effects!

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