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We offer custom tricks and props, signage, backdrops, design services and more. Branded props are made exclusively for you. And our branding and marketing help for magicians and variety entertainers has been utilized by both amateurs and professionals around the globe.

  • Graphic Design Services

    Graphic Design Services (6)

    Our graphic design work is not just limited to your name or logo on a product. Clients come to us with a variety of needs. From logo design, prop refab design, prop packaging, backdrop design, to marketing materials --- we use state of the art software to make graphics that are scaleable and reproduce well on the worlds largest of stages or simply for the computer screen.
  • Branding Packages

    Branding Packages (3)

    We build brands. We care about you and how you fit into the way the world perceives you. That takes more than just a graphic artist or a design. Our package options look much deeper (into you) and we give you a process and a plan based upon where you want to be – a plan beyond what any graphic artist could do for you because we do branding every single day.
  • Branded Tricks & Props

    Branded Tricks & Props (14)

    Personalized and branded props (and tricks too) are an entertaining way to promote your name, a client, a product, or a service without being pushy or over promotional. Make it all about fun! Make your brand about them and your audience and buyers will tell your story for you!
  • Quick Set Up Displays

    Quick Set Up Displays (8)

    Banner Boxes come in a wide range of sizes. They are a fantastic and simple way to add signage or a quick background. They set up in less than 60 seconds and are also a favorite because they are light weight and come in their own protective travel cases. From trade show booths to instant show backdrops, Banner Boxes provide a professional image that adds production value, yet pack super small (even for air travel).
  • Tables & Flight Cases

    Tables & Flight Cases (3)

    Tables, flight, and road cases are necessary items for most all entertainers that do any sort of traveling. From small to the largest shows, we provide tables that plug your brand, travel with ease, and set up easily. We provide cases that will protect your investment and can also be completely covered with your brand.
  • Custom Backdrop Systems

    Custom Backdrop Systems (8)

    Show backdrops are highly visual and convey the image of a working pro (whether you are one or simply wish to be). The systems that we offer were thought out with the traveling entertainer in mind. The goal is to offer custom designed show solutions that are light weight, compact, can play in a variety of settings, and are easy of set-up and tear down. This allows you to focus on more important things rather than technical aspects.
  • Signs, Banners & Mats

    Signs, Banners & Mats (13)

    We offer a wide variety of printed, engraved, or die cut signage. Whether you need soft goods like printed fabric, vinyl, or mats, or your need is for hard good cut outs, we pride ourselves in helping you with the right substrate for the job. This is especially important for entertainers that travel and need durability, light weight, and ease of use.
  • Tricks & Props

    Tricks & Props (9)

    Aside from our branded product line we offer a variety of exclusive tricks that we have personally developed, many of which have been featured on national television and in shows around the world. It only makes sense to continue to offer our classic creations and extend our quality workmanship to you.
  • Canvas Gallery Wraps

    Canvas Gallery Wraps (1)

    What would be a better art addition to your office, home, or studio than displaying those show photos, posters or greatest moments for all to see? Now you can! Gallery Wraps have perfect color and superior quality and they come to you ready to hang.
  • Downloadable Products

    Downloadable Products (1)

    In most cases our downloadable products offer you instant access, save you time, money, and shipping costs. Some of our downloadable items are specifically branded and designed just for you. This ability gives you the power to not only save money, but allows you to print the file when and how you'd like (on demand, anytime).
  • Posters & Promo Printing

    Posters & Promo Printing (16)

    We have a wide variety of printed items that we can help you with.
  • Branding Help Tools

    Branding Help Tools (4)

    Often times we can use some extra help along the way when it comes to growing personally and in business as well. Here are resources that are downloadable. Some of these tools are absolutely --- FREE!
  • Accessories & Refill Items

    Accessories & Refill Items (5)

    We offer a variety of replacement and refills items that are associated with our product line. We also offer customized printed plastic replacement items for a variety of tricks and props. If you have a need, but don't see it.... just ask!