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This is a great way to actually produce the items for your next trick or even a great way to bring back that burnt shoe! IT’S MORE THAN A SPOT FOR A PARTICIPANT TO STAND ON stage & more than a way to control where you want them to stand – IT’S MUCH MORE! Trap Door Production is just that — a production!


Make travel super easy…


Effect: A participant is selected from the audience, brought on stage (young or old), and you explain that you want them to ‘stand right here on the [invisible] trap door’. Pausing for a moment, you then say wait, actually, I just bought a trap door online and have it with me. A postal box is brought out, you open the box and pull out a tightly rolled trap door. Upon letting it unroll with a hard snap the audience see’s a blank backside. You turn it around and there is a graphic of a trap door with footprints on it. You then explain that it really is a trap door. Folding it in half you reach in and begin to pull out a variety of items, which could include:

Silks, Cards, a Dove, Spring Flowers, Candy, a Can of Soda, a Rubber Chicken, Rocky The Raccoon, a Birthday Present, a shoe or just about anything you want that will fit inside the box.

Finally a shoe is pulled out and you tell the participant that must be all that was left of the last person who stood on the trap door. At this point the trap door is placed on the floor and the participant is asked to stand on it as you lead into why you got them on stage in the first place. 

This is a fantastic filler spot to transition between tricks and is also perfect for M.C.’s, Clowns, Jugglers, and more. Super easy to do… if you can tie your shoes you can do this trick.  

We offer two variations of Trap Door, a generic, which says “Caution Trap Door” or a personalized version. Our most popular version is customized with your name so that you can tell your audience, “I just got online and ordered a trap door.” As you show it instead of the word Caution it says your name so that it reads: ______ ______’s Trap Door. We can also work the wording any any way you’d like (e.g, Caution Your Name, Trap Door Your Name, etc.). Just tell us in the order info.

The Trap Door is also available in ANY LANGUAGE. If your name is long we can even do two lines of text.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 26.0 × 6.0 × 6.0 in

6 reviews for Trap Door Production – 4.0

  1. Sam S. – U.S.A.

    The Trap Door Production gets us away from the typical “box” production. Packs pretty darn flat and plays big. I have used this with my Chalet Wiz Kote (shoe bring back) for the times I don’t have an assistant with me. It allows me to load the shoe and then have a fun and visual reintroduction of the kids shoe. But keep in mind this is not just a one trick wonder. You can use it to produce just about anything. Simple in method and visually pleasing to the audience. Get yours today!

  2. Dennis V. – Colorado

    I love my Trap Door.
    Not just a great way to open a show but a great audience helper control tool. Durable and very portable.

  3. Bruce M. – Hawaii

    This thing is just so much fun. Audiences find the concept of a trap door pretty funny. I’ve been dropping things into it and pulling other stuff out of it. I’ve been developing a routine in which I drop items into it and it comes out somewhere else. Including a signed card.

  4. Paul T. – England

    This product is amazing as a Show Opener and a Line Organiser for my balloon twisting lines what an amazing multi purpose product. I can’t highly recommend this product enough. Thank you Billy

  5. Ronald C. – S. Carolina (verified owner)

    When I bought the Trap Door I really just wanted the mat to illustrate patter which was already in my show. However I now know the mat can be used to produce other props. It makes a routine out of just asking for a volunteer! You can easily tie it into what you already do. I bought a prop but got a new routine! When I produce the shoe, it has a selected card in it that I wasn’t able to find earlier in the show! (I wonder if I could produce my own shoe?)

  6. Rick R – USA

    The prop is wonderful and well-made, and it’s great for a comedy magician like me. But service after the sale makes it worth the money. I bought from Billy a couple years ago, and sent him an email that I had lost the documentation to it. In about an hour he responded, and that is going far beyond the normal customer service. Thank you Billy!

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