The Instant Pitchman


In tradition of the classic comedy legs table (but wait there’s more…)

This funny comedy table only makes sense when it comes to promoting your brand a company, a product, or your client’s services. It is quickly adaptable in seconds for any event, anytime, and any show!


  • CUSTOM Legs artwork  just for your show (boxers, bikini, etc. – ANYTHING)
  • Table top has one permanent piece of art and is also customized just for you.
  • Order and replace the table top graphics ANYTIME and very very quickly.
  • You get TWO TABLES in one. Converts to a table top model for close up settings.
  • Light weight, yet durable. Water/liquid resistant.



In the tradition of the classic comedy legs table (but wait there’s more…), the magician picks up the table. In this case he does so under the premise that he wants to show the audience what the table top says. As he does this one of the table legs falls off. While trying to still hold the sign to show the audience, another leg falls off. The magician is now a bit perplexed and feels a bit silly because he is not quite sure what to do. 

In true entertainers fashion he begins to talk about the show, the photo, the product, organization, or service – as if to keep things rolling along smoothly. [This is great for promotions!] With a little tongue-in-cheek humor he talks about having a leg to stand on. With that being said, he shakes the frame table and instantly the comedy legs fall from it in which to support the table. 

Each Pitchman table is custom crafted for each client.

Need additional signs for this table? Inquire Here.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 20 × 6 in


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