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A participant’s borrowed cell phone is ‘accidentally’ destroyed and made to reappear in two magical stages: 1) Hanging high in the air in full view and 2) Inside a sealed Coke bottle. This is strong visual magic that packs very small and yet plays very big, but even more it is branded with your name, hash tag, etc. 

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A participant’s borrowed cell phone is ‘accidentally’ destroyed and made to reappear in two magical stages: 1) Hanging high in the air in full view and 2) Inside a sealed Coke bottle. This is strong visual magic that packs very small and yet plays very big, but even more, it is branded with your name, hashtag, etc. 

This borrowed cell phone trick plays on the largest of stages (and in the audience too)……


Effect: The magician asks everyone who has a cell phone in the audience to please pull it out and turn it on and hold it high in the air. He then proceeds into the audience with a small wastepaper basket. As he goes throughout the crowd he selects a person, takes their cell phone from them, holds it high in the air and then puts it inside the trash can. He then takes them up on stage with him. He asks if anyone like a friend in the audience might have their cell number. That person stands up in the audience and rings the person on stage cell phone. As it rings from inside the trash can the magician asks them to peek into the can and also verify that it is not only their ringtone but their cell phone. Everyone in the audience is asked to please now turn their cell phones off and put them away, except for the friend in the audience. They are asked to join the magician and the cell phone participant on stage.
The magician explains that as he travels the country doing shows it is amazing what people will hand over to him during his show when asked. He reaches into the trash can and pulls out several examples (car keys to a Porsche in Manhattan, an ear of corn from Iowa, a wallet from Topeka, etc.)…. and now…. “your cell phone – thanks!” He pulls the bag with their cell phone out of the trash can and hangs it from a crossbar of the included stage stand. This remains in full view at all times.

Explaining to everyone that each and every stage show has “show rules”, some written and others not, etiquette is of course — NOT using a cell during the show for calls, texting or the internet. In recent years this has become so problematic for the magician that he has had to actually print the rules out and show them to his audience. He proceeds to ask if he can use the cell phone participant as an example. Upon agreeing, he says, “This is where I tell the audience you probably just didn’t know my show rules. He pulls out a rolled-up sign (like the one here on the right) and as it unrolls there is his (magician) name, a picture of a granny on a cell phone texting and the words “Show Rules”. So…. no cell phones during the show, he proclaims.

As he explains this, the bag with the hanging cell phone falls 6 feet to the floor with a loud clanking glass sound. It’s apparent that our magician has broken the participant’s cell phone by accident. He quickly hangs the show rules sign from the stand and picks up the bag with their cell phone. Shaking it, he says maybe it is okay. The audience laughs, knowing full well it is broken.

With some apologies, he explains that the easiest way is to send it back to “Apple” (or whatever phone they have). He pulls out a small postal box and places the bag and the phone inside. At this point, everyone in the audience is asked to pull their cell phone back out and turn it on and to get their cameras ready for a miracle. He shakes the box and says, “Just like that it’s fixed and back already.” He flings the box open but the cell phone has completely VANISHED. He states, “That is not the magical result that I was looking for.”

The friend on stage is then asked to please call the number to see if we can locate where it got to. Upon doing so the hanging sign begins to light up and ring. The magician (along with the person who owns the phone) walks over and carefully and very slowly pulls the Show Rules sign down from the high stand. Slowly the magician opens the fold of the sign, but instead of just seeing their phone it is completely sealed inside a plastic Coke bottle, which they verify as being legitimately solid and that their phone is really in there as it is ringing. The magician takes a pair of scissors and cuts the top off the Coke bottle, the participant reaches in and pulls out their cell phone and the other friend is given the Coke bottle as a souvenir. It is now time to pose with the sign and them and allow your audience to take a photo opportunity to place on a social media platform like Twitter.


Includes Custom Banner, The Stand, Stand Tray (a handy accessory that also attaches to any mic stand for additional usage as needed), Trash Can, Bottle, Vanish Box, accessories, and everything needed to make this trick work — right out of the box. It also comes with detailed video instructions.

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