Branding Lecture Notes + Bonus Materials


Here are the tools you need to help you build your Super Hero brand in the entertainment field. Billy will also equip you with some powerful secret’s that most of your competition isn’t doing when it comes to being “top of mind” with your ideal target audience.

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Part 1: Think Different To Become A Remembered Brand

  1. Who is Billy & what does he do?
  2. So what is branding and how is it better than marketing?
  3. Marketing is self-promotion, branding is about buyer perception
  4. The Three V’s of Branding
  5. Why creating a brand is so important
  6. Where we usually screw up


Part 2: Take Charge of Your Brand

  1. Good branding leads to retention, better shows, higher pay
  2. Relationships
  3. Niche Market
  4. The go-to guy
  5. Where to start
  6. Can’t wear all the hats
  7. Be you
  8. Tap into Character Opportunities (beyond your stage character)


Part 3: Harness the Power of Character Opportunity

  1. Become like George Bailey (beyond the visual brand)
  2. Be you. Don’t copy. What’s your hook.
  3. What makes you unique (looks)
  4. Sound bites
  5. Clothing, smile and hair
  6. Visual trademark
  7. Your name
  8. Room presence
  9. Create live “brand-tainment experiences”


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