AnyShow Outcome


This EASY to do stage trick is a brilliant way to establish an instant and PERSONAL CONNECTION. By using the names of PEOPLE in your audience, your clients PRODUCTS or SERVICES, or even theme it out as a reinforcement tool with an EDUCATIONAL SHOW, or use it for ANY SPECIAL OCCASION. 





Effect: Open a shipping box and pull out a heavy duty banner with a cork board and sheet of paper printed on it. Written is the word rabbit, fold the banner in half and a rabbit appears inside. But you can make ANYTHING appear inside. Use a Wiz-Kote? Make the shoe reappear.

This trick has many options….

You can produce a present for a birthday child.

Draw a dove. After you’ve show both sides of the banner, grab a rag to erase it, but instead slip it inside the folds of the banner, pull the top and bottom of the banner apart and a dove flies up and out.

It also makes a great educational reinforcement tool as well. Imagine promoting a reading program where you have the title of a book written only to produce that book. Or perhaps a gospel message where you need to reinforce a scripture verse by producing relative items from the banner.

You can use it as a prediction and what is written is what you produce from the banner. – This is the perfect trick for a TV spot or anywhere you need something quick and impressive to show off your skills and market. Since the banner can literally make anything appear, your imagination with a promo spot could go wild. Perhaps for a morning show you produce a cup of coffee?

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 6 × 6 in


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