• Payment Plan & Budget Option
    We understand that sometimes you want a certain prop, trick or service. Sometimes it just doesn’t fit into your budget at the moment — but it still remains a need. We made our flexible payment plan super easy so that everyone can afford to grow their brand and their business. Usually we just ask that you pay us a deposit to get started (about 25-50%, depending on the service or item). We will then allow you to make reoccurring payments as you are able to. Don’t worry, we don’t take your credit card info or sign you up for any monthly billing. We will work with you directly to create a win-win scenario that allows you to obtain what you want. At the same time you are helping us, by allowing us to not only chip away at your project until you are ready for it, but it means we are building a relationship together too. With our payment option there are no extra charges. No hidden fees… just straight forward win-win to help each other in the process of growing our businesses. How To Do It: Just order what you’d like using the Pay Deposit option and then add it to the cart and we will work out the rest of the payments with you on an individual basis, after you complete your checkout. Relax! We’ll help you through what works best for your needs and budget. It’s That Simple!

*Existing plans are normally based upon 90 days, but we can adjust a specific plan that works for you.

  • Pay by Credit Card
    Use our secure online checkout. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Union Pay, and Western Union.


  • Place Your Order by Phone
    Call our production office at: +1 615-307-1287 


How To Place an Online Order

Step 1: Place the item or items you wish to purchase in your shopping cart. To place an item in your cart, simply click the “add to cart” icon. You will find the “add to cart” icon either below or to the right of the picture of the product. Clicking the “add to cart” icon once will take you to a page that displays the contents of your shopping cart. The item that you have just added will be listed along with any other items you have already added. At this point you have the opportunity to adjust the quantity of your order by typing a different number in the quantity field and clicking the “update” button. 

Once you add items to your cart you will also see them on the right column (if on a computer). You can also always see your shopping cart at the top right of any page. Just look for the basket icon. A number to the right indicates the number of items in your basket.

To remove items from your shopping cart simply click the red x to the left of an item. At this point you can either continue shopping or proceed to step 2. 

Step 2: Once you are finished adding items to your cart, in the shopping cart area, scroll down to “Calculate Shipping”. Add your location information and our system will tell you the shipping total for your order. (Note: International orders may not always be accurate and it is suggested that you contact us for that shipping costs prior to purchase).

Step 3: Proceed to checkout. To proceed to checkout, simply click the “Proceed to Checkout” button at the bottom of your shopping cart. 

Step 4: Input your Account, Billing, and Shipping Information. At this point returning customers are given the opportunity to Input their User Name and Password. You will then be prompted to enter your personal information. The fields marked with * are required.  Don’t worry about not having a User Name or Password. You will create your own account as you proceed through the checkout process.

Step 5: Select your payment option. 

Step 6: Verify  your order, press the “Place Order” button at the bottom. You will receive a confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation within 10 minutes of placing your order contact us so we can verify it.