BFE EP25: Your Brand On Social Media with Landon Harvey


We take a peek into the why and how of virtual branding (your online presence) with special guest Landon Harvey. As a ventriloquist, Landon has over 1 million followers on TikTok and thousands on other social media platforms.


Landon on TikTok, Landon on You Tube, Landon on Instagram, Landon on Facebook, Landon on Twitter,, Other podcast mentions:

00:00 Intro: BFE Show Opener

00:53 Introducing Ventriloquist Landon Harvey

04:18 The origins of Landon’s socials

05:41 What is Virtual Branding?

06:42 Landon’s start on TikTok

07:32 Using social media to practice new material

10:08 Which platform is best and Knowing Your Audience

15:32 Why is Virtual Branding important?

17:00 Letting Your Audience Behind The Curtain

19:11 Expectations of an Online Influencer

20:48 Case Study – Joe Gandelman

23:06 Social Media versus Live Show

23:50 Sharing What We Know

25:40 Exciting Announcement

26:00 Who’s On BFE Next?

27:05 Credits22

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