BFE EP21: Channeling Publicity Like Houdini, with Carnegie – The Magic Detective


Harry Houdini was an entertainer who created major publicity and even his name has become legendary — even 95 years after his death. He was a master at planting brand perception in the minds of his audience.

In this episode, we talk with magician and magic historian Carnegie (a.k.a. The Magic Detective) about  Houdini’s successful publicity. We also talk about some techniques Houdini used with great success and how you can take some tips from Houdini’s playbook.

Carnegie’s marketing book on Houdini’s publicity is coming out in 2022. Through it, you’ll learn the secret techniques used by The Great HOUDINI to become a superstar and how you can use those same techniques to move ahead in your life. You can get a sneak peek FREE excerpt from Chapter 3 of Houdini Marketing! by going to

Other great content by Carnegie can be found on the following links …


  • Carnegie’s podcast, The Magic Detective Podcast can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts or stream it at




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