From School Teacher to Comedian, with Sharon Lacey

BFE EP20: From School Teacher to Comedian, with Sharon Lacey


Follow the journey of a middle school teacher as she strived to become a national comedy club headliner.

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Sharon has visited Uganda, Africa four times. She performs comedy for Ugandan audiences, and delivers food and supplies to two schools and many elderly people. HELP support her efforts… just $5 bucks at a time by purchasing a bracelet. The Uganda Project

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0:00 Podcast Episode Introduction

2:58 Who Is Sharon

9:00 Why a Comedian

10:49 Doing The First Gig

13:37 Agent vs. Self-Management

14:02 Being a Full-Time Pro

15:54 Stage Time (Flight Time)

17:39 The Hecklers Cometh

19:49 Free Coaching Session

21:31 Dealing with Hecklers

23:17 Brand Personality

25:42 Just Start!

27:39 Best Market – Corporate Gigs

29:16 Does Age Matter?

31:12 Support Sharon’s Uganda Project

33:17 Dementia, Alzheimer’s & Advice

34:53 How Sharon Dealt with The Pandemic

36:55 Wrapping Things Up


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