BFE EP16: The Beauty In Resilience with Jason Michaels


As a young boy, Jason Michaels was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome. The diagnosis could have stopped him in his tracks but he chose to chase his career in acting and later as a magician. Today he combines his love of performing, sharing his story, and also training people on how to be resilient. You’ll love Jason’s journey to get to the top and his thoughts on branding.



00:00 Intro

03:25 TedX Excerpt

03:46 Is Jason Michaels your real name?

05:32 What’s your background in entertainment & how’d you start?

09:07 What led you to want to speak more than just being a magician?

12:09 Transitioning to more speaking gigs

14:29 About Tourette Syndrome and education

18:36 Paralyzed by a diagnosis

20:04 Ripping of the label and finding the tools to help yourself (and others)

22:26 Resilience Training Course

23:14 About #DoTheImpossiblePodcast with Jason & Stephen (Bargatze)

25:38 Transitioning and the Rebranding of Jason Michaels

28:52 Five words to sum up Jason Michaels & using them as a brand

30:14 Upcoming Episode info

30:56 Wrapping up with Jason Michaels

31:45 Resources and Outro

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